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Pay Less in Fees, Come Out on Top

Performance of $10,000 and yearly $6,000 TFSA contributions for 35 years.

Calculated using the compounded return of the S&P 500 after dividends with ETF MER deducted and a typical balanced mutual fund after management fees.

Calculated using the compounded return of the S&P 500 after dividends with ETF MER deducted and a typical balanced mutual fund after management fees.

How To Start Investing with $1000

Pay less in fees, come out on top

The average mutual fund in Canada costs investors $323,654.50 over their lifetime of investing.

This course will teach you how to manage your own long-term portfolio of index funds to protect your investments from high fees.

No skill required, better performance

Passive index investing taught in this course requires absolutely no skill and has historically performed better than 80% of actively professionally managed mutual funds.

"By periodically investing in an index fund, for example, the know-nothing investor can actually outperform most investment professionals.”

- Warren Buffett, known as the most successful investor of all time and CEO & Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

what is included?

✓ Video explanation of the very basics of investing in businesses traded on the stock market.

✓ Model portfolios to achieve your goals.

✓ Learn how to generate real income yield from dividends.

✓ Learn how to open a TFSA as an investment vehicle.

✓ Learn how to keep more of your money by managing your portfolio for the long term.

✓ Exclusive free $50 in commission credit from Questrade by using my course.

Course Outline - what can i expect?


Chapter 1 - Investing 101: The Stock Market

Chapter 2 - Understanding Dividends

Chapter 3 - Model ETF Portfolios

Chapter 4 - Opening A Discount Brokerage Account Tutorial

Chapter 5 - Theory Into Action: Buying Your First ETF Share Tutorial

Chapter 6 - Down The Road: Rebalancing Your Portfolio Every Year


Braden is very knowledgeable and can provide excellent investment expertise to all experience levels. Braden offers great model investment portfolios that are perfect for the beginner investor looking to beat mutual funds by saving on traditional investment fees. I was able to start investing wisely moments after a walk-through with Braden.

-Tommy Land, Toronto

Don’t know what to do? That’s why Braden created Stratosphere Investing- one of the only guides online for young Canadians to build a safe, tax-free investment portfolio made up of diversified stock holdings. Even if you know nothing about the stock market, start here.”

-Andrew Fraser, Vancouver

What You Will Need

✓ A minimum of $1,000 to start investing.  Have more? Good!  $1,000 or more is a great place to start.

✓ Patience.  This is not a get rich scheme or something to magically bring you seven yachts and four vacation mansions.  This will however, with time to reinvest and compound dividends cash distributions, bring long term wealth to enjoy the things you want to do regardless of your income.

✓ 2-3 hours at your own pace to complete the course. You will have your own brokerage account and started your own diversified portfolio by completion of the course modules.

✓ 15 minutes per year to maintain and contribute to your investment portfolio – that’s it.  Simple.

Stratosphere Course What You Will Need 2

The course is 100% free here right now!

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✓ Learn the basics of investing in index funds


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