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Stratosphere Premium

Finally, a low flat fee follow-along investment portfolio for Canadians. Grown as a community.

No matter your portfolio size, one fixed price to follow along a real money portfolio. The portfolio aims to blend the best investing strategies into a combined and balanced approach for long-term success.

✓ Value - Buying companies that the market is underpricing while avoiding businesses with high-flying valuations.

✓ Growth - Superior demonstration of growth in revenue, earnings, dividend payouts and free cash flow.

✓ Dividend Income - All positions pay dividend income and demonstrate intent to continue growing dividend payouts in the future.

Stratosphere Premium delivers exclusive access to where I am putting my own money.

Gain access to a real money portfolio where I am putting my own capital.

Avoid high management expense ratios from mutual fund managers. You can expect only a 4% annualized return from the average mutual fund after fees. It is not the managers fault. In fact, they might be fantastic money managers, but cannot provide a good service after charging the average Canadian mutual fund rate of 2.35% and costing the regular person over $300K over an investing lifetime.

Instead, we will take a simple rules-based approach to picking businesses to succeed over a long investing time horizon.

Proven Performance

By investing in companies that are trading at attractive valuations and have a margin of safety without sacrificing the combination growth and reliable growing dividend income.

The Stratosphere Premium Portfolio has proven outperformance in down markets.

Stratosphere Investing Premium portfolio compared to the index and average mutual fund

In 2018, the Canadian index fell over -9%, while the Stratosphere Premium portfolio minimized downside risk and limited the loss to 2.72% on the year.

Sometimes the market will be unfavourable for stocks, overvalued companies will fall the hardest. Companies held in The Premium Portfolio avoid high-flying valuations with a strict set of portfolio management rules.

The importance of downside protection margin of safety stratosphere premium investing


Braden is very knowledgeable and can provide excellent investment expertise to all experience levels. Braden offers great model investment portfolios that are perfect for the beginner investor looking to beat mutual funds by saving on traditional investment fees. I was able to start investing wisely moments after a walk-through with Braden.

-Tommy Land, Toronto

Don’t know what to do? That’s why Braden created Stratosphere Investing- one of the only guides online for young Canadians to build a safe, tax-free investment portfolio made up of diversified stock holdings. Even if you know nothing about the stock market, start here.”

-Andrew Fraser, Vancouver

What is Included

✓ Exclusive access to my actual portfolio.

✓ Monthly position buy recommendations and analysis. Don’t worry, we will notify you when anything changes in the portfolio or if a position is now expensive and profits are to be locked.

✓ Login anytime to track the holdings.

✓ Outperform large financial institutions with the ability to invest where they cannot due to liquidity constraints.

✓ Low portfolio turnover to keep your mind at ease and fees low.

✓ Monthly quantitative research on over 70 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

✓ Monthly qualitative research and outlook on companies held in the portfolio.

✓ A portfolio for the long term with growth, value and dividend income.

What you will need

✓ An online brokerage account.

If you do not already have one, I recommend using Questrade (Promo Code Link). If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend starting here with index funds.

✓ It is recommended to have money to invest on a monthly schedule to follow along with the monthly pick. The Portfolio follows Braden’s portfolio with maximum TFSA contribution limit of $6,000 annually.

✓ Patience. This premium subscription is for investors looking to grow their wealth by owning great businesses for the long term.

Stratosphere Investing Premium What You Will Need

Subscribe monthly or annually to begin following the Stratosphere Premium Portfolio today.

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Stratosphere Premium Monthly Plan

$24 CAD / Month

✓ Premium Access Login

✓ 14 Day Free Trial

✓ Cancel Anytime

✓ $ 50 Trade Credit with Questrade*

Stratosphere Premium Annual Plan

$179 / Year

✓ Billed annually

✓ Get 4 Months Free

✓ Premium Access Login

✓ 14 Day Free Trial

✓ Cancel Anytime

✓ $ 50 Trade Credit with Questrade*

By subscribing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


*The Questrade trade credit is for users looking to open an account or switch over to the service from another discount brokerage. You will recieve a rebate up to $150 rebate from Questrade if switching brokerage providers incurs a transfer fee. In my experience, this covers the entire transfer out fee from all brokerages.

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